Shadow Cards

Never before have I experienced a technique of self discovery as when I drew my first card from the “SHADOW SAMSKARA” deck.

I have personally felt the need not to only focus on the positive aspects of my life, but to embrace the negative, no matter how difficult. This for me, brings balance, clarity and many learning moments to embrace my light and shadow self.

The SHADOW SAMSKARA Cards opened my mind to “aha” moments as I worked through the negative aspects of my past emerging like the Phoenix coming out of the ashes – strong and aware of my wise inner self.

DOROTA, words are not enough to express my gratitude for bringing “THE SHADOW” cards to everyone who dares to embrace their shadow self to inner freedom.”

Lynne S.


“The Shadow Samskara cards have truly allowed me to look deep inside my soul and see what I considered to be my bad words. These eclectic cards hold a deep inner wisdom that has truly opened me up to inner healing. I am so thankful to Dorota for allowing herself to be guided by the realms of light to bring these beautiful cards and their healing power to Earth!

I had the amazing pleasure of making Dorota’s acquaintance years ago in her drumming celebrations. The Samskara cards along with her drumming calibrations are truly magical and life changing. Dorota is kind, compassionate and patient. She delivers through the Shadow Cards some profound spiritual messages, insights and gems of wisdom. For anyone in search of spiritual guidance and counsel, I strongly recommend the Shadow Samskara Cards 🙏❤️.”

Camille A.


“These cards are an absolute must-have for anyone who is interested in being the best version of themselves. I didn’t realize the importance of shadow work until I used the cards. They have helped me bring to light those parts of me I sometimes refuse to see and I worked on them witnessing my life changing as a consequence. I am so excited, these cards are much more than oracle cards, they are a true tool for transformation! I highly recommend this deck.”

Sandra S.


I love using the Shadow Samskara Cards. At first I was nervous but the cards have such great energy and beautiful messages. Sending you love and light 🥰.”

Winona C.


“The Shadow cards are most amazing to work with. I am talking deep healing and releasing! Very powerful indeed! Such incredible art and work on each card, so very reflective and intuitive 💕🤗.”

Tammy S.


Thank you for bringing these cards out to us. They truly do bring focus to your shadow side, especially for people like me who sometimes are oblivious to our darkness. I now am aware and accepting and releasing what I need to.😇

Anthony B.


“Higher Samskaras” Positivity Cards

“Dear Dorota,

Your little blue bag of enlightenment is brilliant. I can imagine how much work went into it.

Every card and every message is so beautifully presented and the paintings are a bonus.
You are very much in touch with the universe.”

Sybil R.


“I am truly enjoying the cards. They spoke to me right away with a voice of a wise and gentle friend. They have been so much fun. The guidance is encouraging and empowering. The animals and images that grace these cards uplift my spirit. You have an amazing gift my friend. I look forward to your new inspirations.”

Jennifer S.


“The cards feature beautiful original art and very inspirational messages. I am impressed by the quality and the vibration of love that comes out of these cards ♥️ They can be used for personal daily inspiration and also as oracle cards for personal or professional readings.”

Silvia G.


“Higher Samskara readings have helped me a lot in finding guidance in a period of uncertainty. Always spot on, their beautiful words resonated deeply within me. I am truly grateful to Dorota for such an incredible work. I highly recommend the Higher Samskara cards to those who want the cards with images and words that bring messages needed to find balance, harmony and reconnect with the Higher Power.”

Sandra S.


” I picked up a deck of these gorgeous and inspiring cards last night and took them to a reiki gathering today. Everyone raved about the beauty of the images and quality of the cards. This deck will be part of my daily ritual and I know I’ll be taking it regularly to gatherings. Thank you !”

Kimeiko H.D.


“This is a deck that could change your life in 42 days. It truly allows a shift in your energy toward more positive thoughts and a higher vibrational existence, helping release blockages of an emotional kind. This deck contains 42 cards with vivid images on the front and lessons and affirmations on the back. A work of art and labour of love by Dorota who is the creator of the deck and the artist. The cards have a durable coating to make them last. They are packaged in either a purple or blue bag with a little bling!  This new release is a must-have for anyone looking for self-mastery.”

Description of the Positivity deck by Hooked on Holistics


“I love the cards. They are beautiful. I know how powerful this deck is. I love that you made it. It is wonderful.”

Whitney P.