Since I have been exploring chakra colours in my paintings over the last several days, here is a bit of explanation to those of you who are not familiar with the concept of chakras or want to refresh their knowledge on this topic.
We exist on Earth on different levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, etc. We feed our physical bodies with good food, water, air. Our energetic bodies need chi (life energy) as a fuel. Chakras are energy centers through which chi flows, feeds and connects all our layers, organs, emotions; keeps them cleansed, recharged and balanced. Chakras also are also responsible for receiving and transmitting energy and information from our surroundings to our body and vice versa. We also tend to store emotions in those energy centers.
“CHAKRA” means wheel in Sanskrit. There are 7 major chakras (12 in the expanded version) on our bodies, each associated with different colours, emotions, body systems, sound and affirmations. There are also many minor chakras, mainly in our feet and hands.
The ultimate goal is to keep all chakras open, cleansed and flowing which is said to lead to a harmonious, healthy, fulfilled and joyful life.
If you want to check how balanced your chakras are, you can search for some free online tests. The one I used and liked can be found under CHAKRA TEST on