We live in very peculiar times.
‘Tis the time when our shadow awakens in many forms. It comes to the surface, stares us straight in the eye and demands our attention.
The shadow is awakening on many levels: personal, ancestral, societal and global. Injustices, wounds, pain, unresolved trauma, all hidden, suppressed or denied, are coming to the surface. We will not move forward nor will we truly grow as a society, a planet or an individual till we acknowledge the existence and the importance of our darker side.
So what do we do ?
We start with ourselves, we look at what we have buried deep inside, at what pains us and what controls us. Our shadow needs our attention, respect and love.
How do we start ?
Start small or dive deep. SHADOW SAMSKARA CARDS will be your companion, witness and guide on your shadow journey. You dont have to do it alone. Let the paintings and the teachings give you food for thought. Let them guide you, inspire you and help you heal. Let the questions provide you with the right answers, let the affirmations convince your subconscious that there is a different, and a better way. Let the Shadow Cards help you honour, shape and befriend your darker side, one painting and one teaching at a time.
SHADOW SAMSKARA CARDS will be available on October 17 ❤🌹