Painting Stories

When someone asks me to paint for them, I try to connect and see what comes. Usually, images start to emerge in my mind’s eye right away.  I start “seeing” colours, shapes and usually the main element of the painting. Then, it’s the matter of translating the vision and the main idea onto the canvas and adding details.




The painting at that point usually takes a life of its own. Certain ideas from the initial “vision” flow quickly and beautifully. Some do not want to land on canvas which is a sign for me that I am going in the wrong direction and I have to change course. Some things serendipitously appear in my life and sometimes even on my kitchen table where I paint, and are added to the creation. This was the case with a bouquet of orchids I received on my birthday (thank you, they were beautiful !!!!). The vase ended up on the table beside my easel and they were a perfect addition to what was being created.

Sometimes, an element of the painting “demands” an addition of a detail, such as, for example, the blue jewel/crystal on the forehead of the leopard from “The Power Within”. At other times, the canvas takes a life of its own and in spite of my efforts, “refuses” to take paint at certain spots. The tree from “The Power Within” was going to have a different bark structure but for some reason the paint applied created little circles and indentations that just didn’t seem to go away no matter what I did. So, I went with the flow and created a circular pattern in the bark. Sparkles and iridescent paint are usually added for more depth and to give more life to the painting when the light lands on it.

I use symbols and spirit animals often in my paintings. Here again are some examples of symbolism used in “The Power Within”:

LEOPARD – strength, magic and fierceness. Spirit Animal message: lay down your fears and become a fierce hunter for what your soul desires
BUTTERFLY – transformation, change, letting go, fragility and beauty
PEACOCK FEATHER – spiritual purity, rebirth, power, mystery
ORCHID – love, strength, beauty, sacred feminine AND masculine together

And here is the final painting. Before I give it to the owner I smudge it, charge it and put seven mini crystals on the back frame to keep the energy strong and pure ♡

“The Power Within” acrylic on canvas 20″x16″