This is the second video documenting my artistic journey which started in 2015. You will see here all the new paintings & the painted drums created in the last 3 years plus a few themes, inspirations and motifs. Thank you for journeying with me ♡



Thank you to Jacqui Dee Show for a wonderful interview  ! I speak here about my beginnings, my inspirations and the way paintings touch my life.



All of my paintings come with a story. Life has led me to different places, events and people who touched me, influenced me and helped me see the magic around me. Out of that magic emerged my paintings.
Here is one of those stories:
“The Guardian” was inspired by a magical encounter I had on a beach with a Black Cuban Hawk. Watch this short video for the full story, the photographs and the actual hawk call I have recorded with my phone.
Thank you to Anthony Barr, the fearless ceremonialist and an incredible flute player whose music I used in the video. You taught me how to spot hawks in flight and you showed me what magic these birds carry with them. Thank you

When I paint, I travel to places of magic and to new worlds I didn’t know existed before. Join me here for a couple of minutes on this voyage of wonder Click on HD for better picture.
The beautiful background music comes from “Mercy in Darkness” a track from “Archangel” by Two Steps from Hell