Soon in my blog I will be starting my artistic journey with SAMSKARAS.

Samskara is a sanskrit word for “mental impression, psychological imprint”. Samskaras are thought to create our inner belief system and profoundly influence our day-to-day decisions on a subconscious  level. These impressions create our inner drive and our conditioning. Deepak Chopra explains them as “a groove in the mind that makes the thoughts flow in a certain direction” and says that these imprints in the mind have a life of their own. He also compares them to “microchips programmed to send the same message over and over again”.

Throughout our lives, all our actions, encounters and situations leave samskaras in our mind and energetic body, both negative and positive. Very often unfortunately these psychological imprints are of a negative character and they manifest themselves in difficult to control habits, reactions and inner tendencies. They can create anxiety, anger, frustration, etc.

What we need to focus on more in our daily lives are samskaras to support a more POSITIVE MIND and create a more balanced and positive life. During the next few months, I will concentrate on what I chose to call SOUL SUPPLEMENTS. These concepts and ideas, ranging from love, compassion, empathy and joy to passion, purpose, wonderment and harmony, will be my spiritual, mental and artistic focus, one positive samskara at a time. I will study these imprints,  write about my experience in my blog and channel all that energy into a painting.

I hope you will join me on that journey