Our lives are not perfect. There is good stuff but then there is trouble. When the negative stuff happens, our mind sits in that energy trying to understand, figure out what to do next and find a way out. Whether it’s a conflict at work, an issue with a family member, a breakup or a health concern, we start obsessing, going in mental circles and end up staying in that vibration for far too long.

A problem cannot be solved from the energetic frequency that caused it in the first place. We cannot heal sitting in the mental energy of what has hurt us. So, we need to get ourselves out of those lower vibrations and force our brain to dwell in a higher frequency that will produce a solution, some healing and make us better and stronger.

That’s where Higher Samskaras come in. When we focus on certain concepts of higher energy, such as transformation, awakening, wholeness, joy, serenity, flow, our mind shifts into that vibration. We switch our thinking from hurt to healing, from problem to solution, from lower to higher energy. Like attracts like and our life starts to mirror the change in our vibrations. Synchronicities begin to happen, things start to flow.

My intention for the next few months is to start the exploration of Higher Samskaras and to imprint those concepts of higher vibration into my mind and my inner energy system. I have been dealing with some issues in my life recently and I am very ready now for a shift, shift towards more healing and solutions, towards magic, towards more serendipities, more joy, more “aha moments”, more awe and more flow. I will anchor the Higher Samskaras into the mind and awareness with reflections, paintings, music, affirmations, meditations and scents.

I sincerely hope you will be able to join me on this journey of spiritual discovery and exploration in order to achieve a clear, positive mind and an awakened, balanced and fulfilled life♡