Thank you for accompanying me on the first leg of our HIGHER SAMSKARAS journey. We focused on Change, Growth, Transformation. Here are a few last words and a wonderful guided meditation by Lilian Eden (link at the end).

Let’s remember that however difficult, uncomfortable and painful change CAN be, it is also a blessing and an incredible opportunity. Changes are doorways to transformation.

The concept of SAMSKARAS is to leave positive imprints in our psyche so that our mental and emotional energy flows into those “grooves” and lets us vibrate at a higher level. It is very easy at some difficult times to slip into the negative, the complaints, the discomfort, the unhappiness, which in turn generates more of the same. WHAT WE FOCUS ON, EXPANDS. The faster we snap out of the negative, the faster we start vibrating at a higher level and attracting better things, people and circumstances in our lives.

Here is a channeled guided meditation by Lilian B. Eden – Advisor/Teacher/Author for all who are going through the process of change (the spoken portion of the track is 18 min)