In order to allow positive changes to happen, we must make space. We must cleanse and remove the old that doesn’t serve us any more and create fertile environment for the new growth.
We cleanse our physical bodies by eating well, drinking clean water, exercising, taking therapeutic baths, saunas, etc.
Our energetic bodies need to be cleansed too, so does the space around us, especially the areas we spend the most time in.
Smudging with sacred plants, herbs and medicines have been used for thousands of years in many cultures. In Native American tradition, white sage, cedar, sweet grass and ceremonial tobacco are used. In South and Central America, there is fragrant palo santo and yerba santa. In Celtic & Druidic traditions lavender, rosemary and other fragrant herbs were used to smudge. Many other cultures use resins, such as frankincense, dragon’s blood or copal as well as incense & smudge sticks.
Smudging uses the smoke of ceremonial plants to cleanse, recharge, open up the energies, clear negative thoughts, prepare the space and aid in transformation, meditation, etc.
Use a conch when burning ceremonial plants. Be careful, it gets very hot ! Use a feather or your hands to spread the smoke around you or the space you wish to cleanse. State your intentions, say a prayer ♡

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